Brooke Colaiezzi, MS

Senior Researcher

Tufts University

Brooke Colaiezzi is a Senior Researcher on the INDDEX Project at the Friedman School, where she focuses on the development of tools for the collection, processing, and analysis of individual dietary assessment data. She supports the testing of these tools in the field and developing guidance and training materials for their use. Prior to joining INDDEX, Brooke worked as a consultant on a variety of research initiatives including: the development of a standardized, mixed methods approach to understanding causal factors of malnutrition (ACF); conducting a systematic literature review on the effectiveness of Social and Behavior Change Communication strategies for preventing and reducing stunting and anemia (SPRING Project/JSI); providing research assistance on an initiative to improve methods for evaluating the micronutrient impact and functional health outcomes of national fortification programs (Tufts University/GAIN/HarvestPlus); and organizing a round table discussion on cost-effective, evidence-based agricultural policies to improve maternal and child nutrition outcomes (Tufts University/USAID Bureau for Food Security). Brooke holds an MS in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition from Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition.