Organizations and Initiatives


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO):

FAO/WHO GIFT: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and as other international partners, has built the Global Individual Food consumption data Tool (FAO/WHO GIFT). The ultimate goal of GIFT is to collect, harmonize and disseminate food consumption data available at national and subnational levels all over the world through an FAO hosted web-platform. 

Collaborator(s): Nancy Aburto, Pauline Allemand, Agnieszka Balcerzak, Teresa Bevere, Rita Ferreira De Sousa, Fernanda Grande, Bridget Holmes, Catherine Leclerq

INFOODS: INFOODS promotes international participation and cooperation in the generation, compilation and dissemination of adequate and reliable data on the composition of foods, beverages and their ingredients, in forms appropriate to meet the needs of the various users.  The INDDEX Project supported INFOODS to develop a more comprehensive food composition table for the West Africa region.

Collaborator(s): Ruth Charrondière, Anna Vincent

FAO Statistics Divison (ESS): the Statistics Division of FAO and the World Bank’s Computational Tools Team have developed the ADePT Food Security Modules (ADePT-FSM) to facilitate the analysis of data on food consumption collected through national household budget and expenditure surveys to derive food security statistics. The INDDEX Project partnered with the FAO Statistics Division to further develop the nutrition indicators used in the free stand-alone ADePT-Food Security Module software (originally developed in collaboration with the World Bank), which has been designed to improve the availability of food security statistics.

Collaborator(s): Cristina Alvarez, Carlo Cafiero, Ana Moltedo, Warren T K Lee, Abdul Sattar, Nathalie Troubat

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI):

The INDDEX Project supported a team of researchers at IFPRI to conduct two empirical studies in Burkina Faso and Viet Nam to identify better practices for the design and implementation of household consumption and expenditure surveys (HCES). Out of this work, IFPRI, FAO, and INDDEX have produced two diagnostic overviews assessing available HCES, Food Balance Sheet, and dietary data (Burkina Faso, Viet Nam) and two demonstration analyses of policy-relevant questions to illustrate how food consumption data can be used for a range of decision-making applications (submitted for publication).

Collaborator(s): Carlo Azzarri, Arkadeep Bandyopadhyay, John Fiedler, Chris Gray, Beliyou Haile, Edward Kato, Chungmann Kim, Dena Mwangi, Celeste Sununtnasuk

Intake Center for Dietary Assessment:

Intake, Center for Dietary Assessment is a project based at FHI360 with a mission to fill the gap in the availability of actionable information on diets through providing technical assistance for the planning, design, collection, analysis, and use of dietary data. Intake and INDDEX are sister projects with complementary objectives and collaborate closely on a number of initiatives. 

Collaborator(s)Megan Deitchler

RTI International:

In support of the INDDEX Project’s objective to develop technologies to standardize and streamline the collection and analysis of individual-level dietary data, a team of researchers from RTI International’s Food, Nutrition, and Obesity Policy Research program conducted a study to develop, evaluate and validate methods of visually representing portion sizes during dietary data collection in low-income countries. Results of this study helped to inform which pictorial or other portion size estimation aids should accompany INDDEX24.

Collaborator(s): Valerie Flax, Mary Muth, Courtney Schnefke

Global Dietary Database Project (GDD):

GDD is a collaborative effort to produce the most reliable estimates of dietary intake worldwide and inform global health and nutrition research and policy, particularly in poor and vulnerable populations. GDD is a sister project to INDDEX, also based on the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.

Collaborator(s): Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Renata Micha


Country Partners 

Institut National de la Statistique et de la Démographie, Burkina Faso: The INDDEX Project partnered with the National Institute of Statistics and Demography in Burkina Faso to implement the local feasibility and validation studies of the INDDEX24 Dietary Assesment Platform. INDDEX would like to thank the dedicated staff at the National Institute of Statistics and Demography for their strong technical and logistical expertise that made these endeavors possible.

Collaborator(s): Boureima Ouédraogo, Lucien Belemkoabga, Zakaria Koncobo, Abdoul Aziz Ilboudo, Abdou Aziz Compaoré, Dramane Sermé, Zakaria Ouédraogo and Hervé Guené

Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé, Burkina Faso: The Research Institute for Health Sciences is one of four institutes of the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Burkina Faso. The INDDEX Project is partnered with the Research Institute of Health Sciences to support the implementation of the INDDEX feasibility (2017) and validation (2019) studies in Burkina Faso as well as ongoing research support.

Collaborator(s): Augustin N Zeba

National Institute of Nutrition, Viet Nam: The INDDEX Project partnered with the National Institute of Nutrition in Viet Nam to implement the local feasibility and validation studies of the INDDEX24 Dietary Assesment Platform. INDDEX would like to thank the dedicated staff at the National Institute of Nutrition for their strong technical and logistical expertise that made these endeavors possible.

Collaborator(s): Đỗ Thị Phương Hà


Technology Partners

Caktus Consulting Group: From 2017-2022, the INDDEX Project contracted the Caktus Group to assist in the technological development of the Global Food Matters Database.

Dimagi, Inc.: Dimagi created and manages CommCare, the customizable open-source application development platform upon which the INDDEX24 Mobile App was built. The INDDEX Project continues to partner with Dimagi on application development and technological support for users of the INDDEX24 Dietary Assesment Platform. Dimagi developed the initial version of the INDDEX24 Mobile App.

Project Balance, LLC: Project Balance is a software services company with expertise managing CommCare-based applications. Project Balance currently manages, maintains, and continues to develop the INDDEX24 Mobile App and Analytical and Gap Reports.