Partner Initiatives

Partner Initiatives

The following initiatives are collaborating directly with the INDDEX team.  The INDDEX Project is implemented by Tufts University’s Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

FAO/WHO Global Individual Food consumption data Tool (FAO/WHO GIFT)

The Nutrition Division of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in partnership with the Statistics Division (ESS) and the Food Safety and Quality Unit (AGDF) of FAO, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international partners, is building a pilot Global Individual Food consumption data Tool (FAO/WHO GIFT). The ultimate goal is to collect, harmonize and disseminate data available at national and subnational levels all over the world through an FAO hosted web-platform. Dr. Catherine Leclercq leads this initiative.

International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS)

Coordinated by Dr. Ruth Charrondière, working at FAO, INFOODS promotes international participation and cooperation in the generation, compilation and dissemination of adequate and reliable data on the composition of foods, beverages and their ingredients, in forms appropriate to meet the needs of the various users (government agencies, nutrition scientists and educators, health and agriculture professionals, policy makers and planners, food producers/processors/retailers and consumers).  INFOODS is working with INDDEX to develop a more comprehensive Food Composition Table for the West Africa region.

ADePT Food Security Module (FSM)

The Statistics Division of FAO (ESS) and the World Bank's Computational Tools Team have developed this software to facilitate the analysis of data on food consumption collected through national household budget and expenditure surveys to derive food security statistics. Among other things, ADePT allows the user to estimate parameters needed to compute the prevalence of undernourishment according to the FAO methodology and to disaggregate it at subnational levels. ADePT is led jointly by Dr. Carlo Cafiero and Nathalie Troubat.