Jérôme W. Somé, PhD

In-Country Researcher

Tufts University

Dr. Jérôme W. Somé is the INDDEX in-country researcher for Burkina Faso and oversees INDDEX Project activities in Burkina Faso., including conducting the feasibility and validation study for INDDEX24 in collaboration with the Institut National de la Statistique et de la Démographie. Dr. Somé holds a doctorate in general medicine from the Université de Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and a PhD in Nutritional Biology with an emphasis in International Nutrition from the Department of Nutrition at the University of California, Davis (USA).  His dissertation research focused on the effects of micronutrients supplementation on infectious morbidities in young children in Burkina Faso. He  completed a postdoctoral program at the department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health on an IMMANA-funded research project in Burkina Faso.  This project aimed to develop a nutrition-sensitive metric for assessing the rapidly evolving livelihoods of farmers, and examining the dynamic linkages between agriculture and nutrition. Prior to his work with U-M SPH, Dr. Somé worked as a research assistant for the International Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements Project (iLiNS Project) in Burkina Faso.