Developed by the INDDEX Project, INDDEX24 is a dietary assessment platform comprised of a web application that manages context-specific input databases linked to a mobile application used to conduct interviewer-administered 24-hour dietary recalls (24HR) using a tablet. 

  • The mobile application will use the multiple-pass method to guide respondents through the recall of foods and amounts consumed, including recipe ingredients.
  • The web application is an on-line tool that will be populated by users via an INDDEX24 Excel template with context-specific input databases: food composition table, standard recipes, tag (food descriptor) list, and portion conversion factors. Users will also be able to search the web app for existing context-specific data, so they do not need to start from scratch when planning a 24HR survey. The INDDEX24 platform will allow output of analytical reports of nutrient intakes, as well as raw data export files for use with statistical software. 

The initial development phase included field testing in two countries, Burkina Faso and Viet Nam, where our team collaborated with the Institut National de la Statistique et Demographie (Burkina Faso) and the National Institute of Nutrition (Viet Nam) to test the feasibility of using INDDEX24 in the field.  Further development is currently underway,  and we expect the platform to be released to the public in late 2020.