Winnie Bell, MS, MPH


Tufts University

Winnie Bell is a Researcher with the INDDEX Project. Winnie is responsible for leading INDDEX research activities in Viet Nam, including conducting the feasibility and validation studies for INDDEX24 in collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition. In addition, she provides technical expertise and manages the development of the INDDEX Project’s Data4Diets Platform. She also contributes to the INDDEX workstream that seeks to harmonize and standardize Household Consumption and Expenditure Survey (HCES) in order to optimize survey design for food security and nutrition analyses. Prior to joining the INDDEX Project, Winnie had worked for over five years as a food security analyst and researcher with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Food Security Information Network (FAO/IFPRI/WFP), and Tufts University. Winnie is currently a PhD candidate at Tufts University, where she also earned an MS in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition and an MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.