Carlo Azzarri, PhD

Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Carlo Azzarri is an economist and statistician with more than ten years of experience in the analysis, implementation, supervision, and collection of household survey microdata, having conducted research and fieldwork activities in Africa south of the Sahara, Central America, and Eastern Europe. Before joining IFPRI, Carlo worked at the World Bank, FAO, and UNICEF, where he was involved in agricultural development research, collaborating on several research projects and flagship publications. His interests include the interrelationships between poverty, nutrition, food security, agriculture, and migration, analysed at the micro and macroeconomic level, through quantitative (statistical and econometric) and qualitative methods. Carlo is the leader of the Monitoring and Evaluation team of one of the biggest Sustainable Intensification projects around the world, and co-team leader of HarvestChoice (, a collaboration effort between IFPRI and University of Minnesota.