Agnieszka Balcerzak, MSc

Nutrition Consultant

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Agnieszka Balcerzak is a nutrition consultant working in the fields of nutritional assessment and linkages between nutrition and agriculture. She is supporting the development of a new tool aimed to enhance worldwide use of existing individual food consumption data for nutrition and food safety purposes, named FAO/WHO GIFT (FAO/WHO Global Individual Food consumption Tool). This tool will answer key information needs of policy makers at country, regional and global level in the field of nutrition and food safety. Before joining FAO Headquarters she worked in Bangladesh at WorldFish on dietary assessment of project beneficiaries and with FAO Bangladesh providing technical support and overseeing the coordination of nutrition mainstreaming into field projects. Agnieszka holds an MSc in Agricultural Development from University of Copenhagen and BSc in Human Nutrition from Warsaw University of Life Sciences.