Individual-level Dietary Data

Streamlining the Collection, Analysis, and Use of Individual-level Dietary Data

In order to better track country and global-level progress toward reducing hunger and food insecurity, more routinely collected individual-level dietary data are needed to shine light on the quality as well as the quantity of individual food access.  The INDDEX team is working to develop a unified research infrastructure that includes a dietary assessment and analysis application, for use in low-income settings, that is intended to significantly reduce the time and cost for low income countries to obtain actionable dietary information.  To improve the global accessibility of dietary data, the project will also fund the initial phase of the FAO/WHO Global Individual Food Consumption Tool (FAO/WHO GIFT) - a centralized, publically available warehouse of individual food consumption data that will be housed on an FAO hosted web-platform.  Additionally, the INDDEX Project will support the International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS) at FAO to upgrade regional food composition data and to better integrate food composition information into dietary data processing applications. Food composition data plays an underappreciated, but essential, role in quantifying global and national nutrient availability, access, and intake.

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