Building Capacity and Global Demand

Strengthen country-level capacity and global demand for using INDDEX-generated methods, tools, and guidance to make data-driven food and nutrition policy decisions.

Low-income countries do not often have a research infrastructure required for the collection, analysis, and utilization of dietary data.  The INDDEX team will work in close collaboration with two target countries, who will participate as partners over the duration of the project, to adapt and test the new dietary assessment application and other tools and guidance for meeting national needs.  Training and other support activities will ensure that these countries are well positioned to collect and analyze high-quality dietary data and make data-driven decisions about food, nutrition, and agriculture programs and policies. 

By educating and empowering national champions in these target countries, the project also aims to catalyze the expansion of its impact to a broader constituency. Ultimately, the infrastructural guidance, tools, and databases that the project generates will be housed within international organizations and in national networks, in order to be widely accessible after the project ends and to evolve with changing demands. 

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