Appropriate use of food consumption data

Increase the appropriate use of food and nutrient consumption data to guide agriculture and nutrition policies and programs.

Even when food and nutrient data are available, users are not always clear how raw information (from food balance sheets (FBS), from food consumption modules of Household Consumption and Expenditure Surveys (HCES), or from individual-level dietary intake surveys) should be manipulated to yield suitable indicators and policy-relevant analyses.  Activities under this third objective will build on the first two in order to generate products that support the increased appropriate use of food and nutrient consumption data. A guiding framework will be developed that links key indicators and data needs to valid and relevant data sources. The INDDEX team will also conduct novel ‘demonstration analyses’ of HCES, FBS, and individual dietary intake data to illustrate potential analytical applications. Though these analyses will be tailored to the needs of INDDEX's target countries, the supporting guidance developed by the INDDEX team under this objective is intended to enable a broader audience to apply generalizable methodological protocols for their own purposes.  This set of activities is closely linked to our work to Build Capacity and Global Demand, in which the INDDEX team will help to develop the capacity of a set of target countries to analyze and use food and nutrient consumption data.

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