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Cultural preference: Do people consume their preferred diets?

General question:

  • Do people consume their preferred diets?

Program and Policy Questions:

  • Individual (and household) food preference seems to be often overlooked when people discuss food security as the focus is typically on the quantity and quality of the diet, with less attention given to what people actually want to eat and why. What are some ways to better understand and measure whether people are consuming their preferred diet?
  • The “nutrition transition” is well underway in my country. People are increasingly consuming ultra-processed foods, especially in urban areas, whereas more rural areas of the country still consume traditional diets. I am interested in understanding the drivers behind people’s choices in both urban and rural areas. What would be the best way to measure this?
  • I have heard that as people become more food insecure they consume food that they otherwise would not eat. Is this true, and if so, what is the best way to measure if people can access the type of food that is culturally and personally preferred?